Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Social Benefits of Straight Teeth

Having straight teeth goes hand in hand with self-confidence. Those with straight teeth tend to flash their smile more often. In addition to the health benefits of straight teeth previously discussed, the social benefits are increasing in this day and age.
Studies have shown that first impressions are paramount and our teeth play an essential role in how we are initially perceived by others. Specifically, western cultures value an attractive smile and a recent survey has shown that people usually perceive those with well aligned teeth as smarter, more successful, happier, healthier, and more trustworthy. Furthermore, another study has shown that people with "ideal" smiles were more likely to be hired when compared to those with crooked teeth.

If you feel uncomfortable with your teeth or have a tendency to hide them when you smile, modern orthodontic appliances have evolved significantly and you can nowadays chose from a wide variety of esthetic and clear braces or aligners. No one needs to know you are straightening your teeth!

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  2. Benefits of straight teeth with a nice smile helps builds confidence also good for health

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