Sunday, January 19, 2014

Invisalign for Teens - The Clear Alternative to braces

Invisalign Teen

“Does Invisalign work for kids?” - “My child is going through his/her adolescence, so he/she really doesn’t want to wear braces”- 

I invariably get asked these questions by worried parents who are eager to fix the teeth of their child. Adolescence is a period of stress and strain as well as change. So oftentimes, adolescents have enough on their minds to worry about braces that can affect their confidence in smiling. 

Well the good news is that you can straighten your teeth without having to deal with metal braces and wires.


You can still do all the things that you love because Invisalign aligners are:

 -Clear, plastic, virtually invisible!
Your friends won’t probably notice you’re wearing them. You can still take pictures and enjoy a better smile every day.

- Removable.
This means you can take them off and enjoy your favorite foods, ex. chewing gum, popcorn … Eat with freedom!

- Super comfortable
Aligners are smooth and perfectly molded to your teeth and therefore do not irritate the inside of your cheeks and lips and cause ulcers.

 Keep doing what you love!

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